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CCMF – Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Programme (CCMF-HKYEP)

“I knew that if I failed, I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.”
Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO Amazon.com Inc.

This is your shot to realize a groundbreaking idea!
This is your chance to grab the seeding funding to kick off your I&T business!
This is your stage to unleash your full potential!

Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) - Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Programme (“CCMF-HKYEP”) provides entrepreneurial opportunity to budding young people aged at 18 – 30 for realizing their innovative ideas and supporting the development of early-stage start-ups to become venture and move forward to incubation over a 6-months project period.

By joining CCMF-HKYEP, you will
  • Receive HK$100,000 cash grant by Cyberport Creative Micro Fund over 6 months

  • Equip essential knowledge for realizing start-up dreams through a series of enrichment activities

  • Participate in a 6-month mentorship programme advised by industry professionals and startup leaders

  • Earn a fast-track admission opportunity of Cyberport Incubation Programme in a higher chance

  • Get chances to pitch the state-of-art ideas and solutions for enterprise adoption

  • Gain publicity, industry recognition and validation through various Cyberport’s activities

If you are a youngster who always think outside the box, solve problem innovatively and eager to bring a positive impact to society, you cannot miss this life-changing moment to demonstrate your talents and push your boundary.


Open to applicants aged 18 -30 upon application deadline

Two type of application
Individual Application:

- principal applicant must be Hong Kong ID holder and all members in the project management team must be aged 18-30


Company Application:
- a registered company limited by shares and incorporated in Hong Kong (or in progress of incorporation) upon admission and all company owners and team members must be aged 18-30

(1) If the principal applicant is non-local, welcome to apply Company Application. The successful company applicants are required to setup a limited company registered and incorporated in Hong Kong once admission.
(2) CCMF is counted in project base, same or similar project shall only be applied Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Programme (CCMF-HKYEP) or Professional Programme (CCMF-PP) in the same intake.

Details please refer to Guides and Notes for Applicants – CCMF-Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Programme

Application timeline

Applications are accepted all year round!

June 2022 Intake

October 2022 Intake

February 2023 Intake

Application Deadline

1 April 2022

1 August 2022

1 December 2022

Vetting & Presentation Session
(Shortlisted applicants only)

May 2022

September 2022

January 2023

Result Announcement

June 2022

October 2022

February 2023

About Vetting criteria, vetting team compositions, and Grant Disbursement and Others.

Note: Applicants are required to submit online applications via Cyberport Entrepreneurship Management System. 

Please check out the CCMF Guides and Notes for Applicants before submission. 

If you would like to learn more about the programme, please register for the online Programme Information & Sharing Session. Click here for details. 

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